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Detailed Description of a Black Triangle Shaped UFO Sighting

I was walking home shortly after 1 am when I had a UFO Sighting of a Snub-Nosed, Triangle-shaped UFO with rows of red & blue lights running down its outer-underneath sides slowly comes into view from above a housetop. It was directly in my line of sight looking forward. It made no sound and was movi…

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Broad Daylight Disk Shape UFO Sighting Changed My Life

As the 2nd anniversary of my UFO Sighting approaches, I've decided to report this. I wrote this in the days following my UFO Sighting. the following story has had a major paradigm shift in my life. as an aviation professional (resigned 10/2021) I consider myself a trained observer from training and …

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Triangular UFO Passed Directly Overhead of Car Reported

My wife and I were traveling south on route 11 somewhere between Canfield, and Columbiana Ohio when the UFO Sighting first occurred. Time was approximately 12:45 am est. Not many cars were headed in either direction. Traveling at about 65-70 mph we first noticed what looked like a super bright star …

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Reported Hexagon UFO with Black Hole Center over Texas

UFO Sighting flying at about 30,000 feet, approx. 3,000 mph. No aviation strobe lights or wingtip lights. UFO moving very fast. no airplanes overhead verified with flight tracker app. No sound. No sonic boom. No contrails, no heat signature, or glowing fuselage. Consistently appears as a hexagon wit…

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Recent UFO Sighting Odd Lights Over Area 51 Nevada

We were at the intersection of the extraterrestrial highway and the dirt road that leads to the main gate to area 51, near the famed "black mailbox, looking toward Rachel Nevada. My son, granddaughter, and I all saw the same thing at the same time. A small red ball/circular object dim as a star in t…

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Hovering Cylindrical UFO Sighting in night sky Indiana

We were driving home from visiting family heading south on in highway 11 when I spotted an UFO in the sky. It appeared to be traveling northbound but changed direction to the northwest as we got closer. Then the UFO Sighting appeared to hover over a cornfield near the Jackson County Bartholomew coun…

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Metallic Tic Tac UFO Sighting Reported Over Davis CA

My racing pigeons were flying around the property and while watching them I noticed a bright UFO in the sky coming from the south. I assumed that when it got closer it would turn out to be an airplane, but something compelled me to keep watching it. When the UFO Sighting did get closer I saw that it…

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Large V Shaped UFO Sighting Reported over Macarthur Airport NY

Around 8:45pm I was driving home from the gym. I was headed northbound on county road 83 from Farmingville and I was talking to my wife on the phone and as I approached Gown Hall on my right I saw a Large V Shaped UFO and my first thought was wow that plane is flying really low.

That area i…

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UFO Sighting Video Twelve UFOs Los Angeles CA

Witness was amazed when he had a UFO Sighting at night of Twelve UFOs appearing just over in an area of Los Angeles California. There was no air traffic just a clear night when these Unidentified Flying Objects appeared and video taped. mufon cms# 117150 Los Angeles California 8/2/21. This region h…

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Dark Red Polygonal Shape UFO Sighting Texas

Approximately the first or second week of March I had a UFO Sighting of a strange, roundish object that appeared to have what seemed to be numerous flat sides. I guess it would be considered polygonal. I did not see any seams, doors or windows. The UFO Sighting had no visible lights and it looked…

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Night Walkers UFO Sightings and Orbs Michigan

Have been seeing UFO lights for over a year now, just random lights hovering, random flashes of light and allot of odd low light beams through the woods.

There's been odd things that have happened like power going out and odd so sounds. There was one night me and my dad were out in the woods and …

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Grey Disc-Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Cape Town SA

I was standing in the back yard watching the satellites. A small meteorite came down to my left. About 15 minutes later I watched a small Grey Disc-Shaped UFO Sighting passed directly overhead from east to west. There were no lights. It was completely silent. There was a very thin mist like cloud la…

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UFO Sighting moving clockwise and counterclockwise over B.C

I was at work on Texada Island B.C. It was around 11:30pm I turn off my tower drill and got out for my ride back to the top shop to finish shift at midnight. While waiting I decided to look up as I usually do and noticed an UFO Sighting to the southwest flying left to right and I just thought i…

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UFO Sighting encounter with a large triangular craft Louisiana

This UFO Sighting encounter took place from a vehicle stopped at a stop sign on Jean Lafitte pkwy near Chalmette Vista at approximately 9pm CST on the night of July 21st 2021. A large craft that appeared to be of triangular shape flat and long, not pyramid-like with green lights on visible corners. …

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UFO Sighting Video Erratic Flipping Octagon Object

I have been having different UFO Sightings of the same object 4 times, since early June 2021. Each UFO Sighting incident was recorded on video. I was leaving relatives' house in Grayslake Gages Lake Illinois area at 12:12 am and as I was pulling out, saw the familiar brilliant star-like UFO in th…

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UFO Sighting Video over Fresno CA

On 7/18/21, at approximately 2105 hours, I was driving northbound on California highway 41 going approximately 67 miles per hour. I observed two large non blinking white lights like landing lights that appeared to be fixed to the end of what looked like the wings of AC-130 or larger sized plane. At …

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UFO Sighting Reported over Volcano Grants NM

A group of us were staying over night near the Banderas Volcano near the ice caves. We saw what at first glance was a low very bright star. We commented on how weird it looked and then it started to move from side to side in a bouncing pattern. We all said what the hell is that? Then we saw a beam o…

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UFO Sighting Multiple UFOs Interaction with witness

UFO Sighting encounter began at a Pizza Hut in town near the hospital in Rome. I was sitting in my truck looking up in the sky through my sun roof and seen strange lights appear dim to start and brightened as they came by.

Eight UFO lights in the same path trajectory. Then one of the UFOs came …

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UFO Sighting Video Twelve UFOs Travelling in sync

Latest UFO Sighting of over 12 bright spheres moving roughly from the North to south. There was very little wind, no cloud cover, warm and sunny day. They were Moving sporadically left and right, up and down in a almost playful Manner. I could see them for about 15 minutes until loosing view. The mo…

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Strange UFO Sighting Knew I was Watching

I witnessed many strange UFO lights while in kayak one early morning. I went for my phone and they went away. Put my phone away and the UFOs came back. Made a couple calls to people in town but they never seen anything. I tried to record video however the camera only recorded black screen but did c…

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