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Reported UFO Dark Steel Domed Red Green lights hovering New Jersey

I was driving home heading north on Route 515, Vernon, NJ. I had just gotten off Route 23 northwest. At quite a distance, there was a commercial-looking truck with small yellow safety lights on each top side. Maybe a sander in prep for an expected snowstorm around midnight. Straight ahead low in the…

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Saw UFO hovering in northeast Gainesville Florida

Around 10 pm on Jan 10, 2021, I and my wife witnessed a UFO emerge just above the tree line south of the water treatment plant on 53rd street heading east. The airport was nearby so we initially thought maybe something getting ready to land. We were heading southeast on 53rd towards Hwy 441. As we g…

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White Large Illuminated Boomerang shaped UFO Reported

Saw this UFO for less than 10 seconds while walking home from the store. It was a large boomerang shape, clearly defined and illuminated. The UFO Sighting didn't look like it was moving and it quickly appeared to evaporate while going under cloud cover. This UFO Sighting was in an opposite direction…

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Silver UFO sphere hovering over Ashfield UK 11522

I pulled up at the junction of my street/Wentworth rd. and I could see above and in front of me a white silvery sphere-shaped UFO Sighting high in the sky was cloudless and sunny and I could see it to the left of the moon. I drove around the corner keeping the UFO Sighting in view when suddenly anot…

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I Was Strongly Compelled to Turn and I Saw a Hovering UFO Disk

I was walking a wooded path and had a strong compelling urge to turn around, I did so and my eyes were drawn to a silver metallic UFO in the sky, I felt very shocked but euphoric, then an Alien being in the UFO communicated telepathically, it assured me that it is ok, no need to panic, and it said I…

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Silent UFO Triangular craft hovering 75 yrds above road Hudson ME

UFO Sighting Reported of a Triangular Craft was moving VERY slowly over the road. The front of the UFO had three white lights uniformly spaced, and two smaller red lights beneath the middle white light. It was backlit by the sky (almost a full moon) so triangle was very clear to see. The back came t…

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Cigar Shaped UFO Reported During Flight Restrictions post 911

In the days following the 9/11 attacks on the world trade center, air traffic around the country had been shut down and only gradually reopened in the following days. I was attending school in southern Connecticut at the time, less than an hour's drive outside of NYC. on 9/11 itself we were all sent…

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Red Ball UFO Light Moving Along Ground Reported New Mexico

Witnessed a red ball of light UFO moving across the ground about thirty feet above ground blinking on and off the moment I tried to chase down this ball of light in my vehicle it disappeared there was no noise no visible UFO crafts that I could see one minute it was there the next it was gone this i…

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Reported UFO Formation over west side of Columbus Ohio

I had a UFO Sighting of a Round Circular Glowing UFO going in and out of formation. The light was very bright and when the UFOs were moving around in and out of formation they were too close to be any aircraft. They then were hovering in place and then going back into the formation.

One of the U…

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UFO Caught on Video During Blue Angels Air Show

Looked back to the east to see some planes that were circling and we noticed a bright starlight UFO Sighting. I thought it might be a parachute but it was too far away from the airport. Then we thought it might be balloons and that is when we noticed it was rotating going from a bright ball to a tri…

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Triangular UFO Passed Directly Overhead of Car Reported

My wife and I were traveling south on route 11 somewhere between Canfield, and Columbiana Ohio when the UFO Sighting first occurred. Time was approximately 12:45 am est. Not many cars were headed in either direction. Traveling at about 65-70 mph we first noticed what looked like a super bright star …

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Large Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting Captured on Video Florida

We first observed the UFO Sighting hovering I would estimate at about 1000 feet. When I got over the shock I ran in the house to get my phone and called my wife and daughter. I returned to the original spot where I first located it about 30 seconds later and it was gone. My wife spotted it to the ea…

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UFO Reported Red Orange Sphere Radiating Internally Over Beverly MA

On the evening of 8/1/2021 around 10pm. I was walking past my dining room window and noticed an unusual light emanating through the curtains. This clearly did not make sense to me given the time of day. As I opened my curtains, I saw a large sphere UFO floating at a standstill, low, above my neighb…

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Hovering Cylindrical UFO Sighting in night sky Indiana

We were driving home from visiting family heading south on in highway 11 when I spotted an UFO in the sky. It appeared to be traveling northbound but changed direction to the northwest as we got closer. Then the UFO Sighting appeared to hover over a cornfield near the Jackson County Bartholomew coun…

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Metallic Tic Tac UFO Sighting Reported Over Davis CA

My racing pigeons were flying around the property and while watching them I noticed a bright UFO in the sky coming from the south. I assumed that when it got closer it would turn out to be an airplane, but something compelled me to keep watching it. When the UFO Sighting did get closer I saw that it…

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Triangle Shaped UFO Hovering Motionless over rural Oklahoma

My wife looked out our windows and saw lights hovering over our land at 11:30 pm in the evening of 8/03/21. Our land is in a residential neighborhood in the middle of the country. Each house is on a few acres of land. It is very dark and quiet in our neighborhood at night. My wife said to me “there …

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Large V Shaped UFO Sighting Reported over Macarthur Airport NY

Around 8:45pm I was driving home from the gym. I was headed northbound on county road 83 from Farmingville and I was talking to my wife on the phone and as I approached Gown Hall on my right I saw a Large V Shaped UFO and my first thought was wow that plane is flying really low.

That area i…

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UFO Video Footage Orbs Merging Together Utica NY

He we have a UFO Sighting Video of two UFO Orbs that seemingly merge together during the night over the city of Utica New York. There were four witnesses to this UFO Sighting event as they watched these hovering objects merge.

mufon cms# 117176 Utica New York 8/04/21. This region has had 4,164

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Night Walkers UFO Sightings and Orbs Michigan

Have been seeing UFO lights for over a year now, just random lights hovering, random flashes of light and allot of odd low light beams through the woods.

There's been odd things that have happened like power going out and odd so sounds. There was one night me and my dad were out in the woods and …

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Shiny Silver Cigar-Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Chilliwack Canada

At about 6 am I was taking my dog out and I observed a Shiny Silver Cigar-Shaped UFO Sighting low in the sky just above the trees. It seemed to be reflecting the sun. I found it strange that it was so low in the sky and appeared to have no wings and making no noise. I kept watching this UFO Sigh…

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