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Massive UFO Sighting over Gariepdam South Africa & More See Video

Here we have six different recent UFO Sightings captured on video over the U.S and South Africa. Over Gariepdam, South Africa, a UFO was seen taking off overhead brightly illuminated and pulsating. A very large craft was captured on video hovering over Cherokee County, Georgia, United States. 

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UFO Sighting sound penetrated my whole being

I lived in a mobile home park. I was in a three bedroom trailer with my bedroom on the far end. I heard it first around 3 in the morning. a very loud rhythmic sound a buzzing or humming of sorts. UFO Sighting sound penetrated my whole being. It was as though it was alive. Blue lights were coming t…

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UFO hovers over our house then flies off

I initially saw a bright light through our windows and it was moving toward our house. It looked like the lights of an airplane but the lights were low in the sky. I said to my parents, "what is that?" as the lights moved toward our house. I stepped out on the front porch with my dad and we looked u…

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