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Reported UFO Formation over west side of Columbus Ohio

I had a UFO Sighting of a Round Circular Glowing UFO going in and out of formation. The light was very bright and when the UFOs were moving around in and out of formation they were too close to be any aircraft. They then were hovering in place and then going back into the formation.

One of the U…

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Two Gray Green Rotating UFOs Alberta Canada

We were star gazing in our back yard when we had a UFO Sighting of two objects flying in formation. When sighted, they were above western horizon at 83° heading south in a straight line. With in 3 -5 seconds they were out of sight. The UFOs appeared to have lines running E-West as it flew south Gra…

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UFO Sighting reported of Four Pyramid shape UFOs

While inside my home I noted a UFO Sighting approximately 15 miles south east of the Tappa GPS intersection at an estimated 35,000' that appeared suddenly and traveling south. The UFO Sighting appeared pointed at the front and wider at the rear like a Pyramid that had been stretched out. Almost as…

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