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UFO Sighting of Flying Saucer Caught on Video Glendale AZ

Red and Blue Flying Saucer that appears to change shapes, but could be blurring? 

Saw black speck hovering up high in the sky and zoomed in on it and recorded a red and blue colored flying saucer type UFO Sighting event. Tried to put camera on tripod and by that time, the UFO was gone.

To vie…

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Dull Grey UFO Sighting Reported Quebec

I have had three UFO Sightings today in a 15 mile area. This specific UFO Sighting was above cloud level approve 5 miles north of the given observer position. I am an ex aircraft technician and understand what strobes look like on all light conditions. This UFO pulsed 1 second on three seconds off…

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UFO News Today Flying Saucer Sighting reported Washington WI

During the week off April 12, 2021- I saw a Disk or Saucer shape UFO Sighting in the North sky. It did have red and blue flashing lights-which drew my attention to it. It seemed to stay still in the air-and was just off the coast north of my direction. Other people who were out-noticed it as well. I…

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UFO Seemed to be Hovering above our street Eyewitness reports

UFO Sighting had blinking lights which showed the silhouette of a Disc like object with a domed top. The lights seemed to be blinking in some sort of specific way. But did not seem to be a pattern on repeat. It hung in the sky as we stopped in the middle of the road to watch this immense object. Eve…

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