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Unidentified Flying Objects Reported three different states video

A sparkling diamond shaped UFO over the sea in Ventura, California.

2 strange UFOs looking like a precious diamond stone shape with 5 illuminated UFOs were seen, vanished and returned in Toms River, New Jersey.

A bizarre Unidentified Flying Object concealed in an unusual condition at Fontenay…

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Multiple Reports of Returning Illuminated Craft caught on Video

Today we have a video from Red Stone YouTube of some strange objects appearing in the skies. A similar UFO V-arrangement of bright self-illuminated unidentified flying objects over the skies of Illinois showing up around power lines had been recorded on video. Also, we have on video two more sightin…

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UFO Video Nine Orange UFOs Near Nuclear Plant Florida

Nine Orb like UFOs which arose from the horizon and flew towards the Nuclear Power Plant and then went dark as they approached.

Copy & Paste Link in Your Browers to view Yankeetown Fl. UFO Sighting Video:

mufon c…

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Translucent Triangle Diamond UFO near f35s Florida Reported

I was enjoying a day off when I heard loud aircraft approaching. I looked toward the sound and seen two f-35 ascending in formation at about 5,000 feet. They were in a relaxed climb, nothing aggressive. I decided to record them on my phone I phone 2020 new). As I was trying to center the planes to g…

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Tic Tac Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Over Florida

White capsule "Tic Tac" shaped cloud color cloaked UFO Sighting hovering for about 15 seconds. Then 4 to 5 round sphere UFOs of same color (but not shape) were  ejected out of the side of the main craft 1 @ a time in approximately 1-2 second intervals. After all the spheres were ejected the capsule…

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Oval Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Florida U.S.

The UFO Sighting was observed by both husband and wife at 12:24 am on 11/22/2020 utilizing brand binoculars Hammer & Axe 7x50 outdoor UV binoculars recently purchased new. Husband observed the UFO Sighting first and then confirmed sighting by asking wife to look up in the sky in an eastward directi…

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Anatomy of a UFO sighting

Time: approximately 5:30 pm EDT.

Location: est. 50-75 miles south of Fort Lauderdale International Airport Florida on the approach to runway 20-r.

Weather: Scattered clouds and thunderstorms in the area estimate 5-7 mile visibility.

UFO Shape: Cylindrical Cigar Shaped with semi-pointed …

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