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Strange Shapeshift Aliens Louisiana Wildlife Reserve

UFO Alien News: Every night for the past two years I have been noticing less deer and all-around wildlife in the hunting reserve 5 miles from my house is at least 7 thousand acres and more family woods surrounding the area that accounts for about 20 square miles of densely pact woods full of palmett…

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UFO Activity Reported Over Adelaide Australia

At 9.00 am this morning, I witnessed three UFOs pass over my house again. One UFO was triangle shaped and hovered for about 2 minutes and then headed south. The other two UFOs appeared to be Disc shaped and Metallic Grey in color and traveled west to south at speed. The weather today is beautiful wi…

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UFO Sighting sound penetrated my whole being

I lived in a mobile home park. I was in a three bedroom trailer with my bedroom on the far end. I heard it first around 3 in the morning. a very loud rhythmic sound a buzzing or humming of sorts. UFO Sighting sound penetrated my whole being. It was as though it was alive. Blue lights were coming t…

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Shape Shifting UFO Reported Moreno Valley CA

I was driving when I Sighted an UFO in the sky. At first glance I thought it was a parachute or ultralight aircraft. Neither of these worked out because they are in the direct path of air traffic from march arb. Secondly, a parachute or skydiver landing in a densely populated area just didn't make …

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UFO Sighting Contact Over Cairns Queensland Australia

This UFO News report came about after a independent research into the whole UFO/ce5 phenomena. inspired by the films and work of Dr. Steven Greer, as well as a deep-seated interest in ufology, I set out to create my own contact group (cairns ce5 contact team) and practice using the 'contact protocol…

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UFO Sighting Blinking Changing Shape Color Reported Quebec

I discovered a UFO Sighting video this Thursday, October 1, 2020 of an observation that took place 5 years ago. My spouse who had filmed the event had lost this video and it was then that I recently found it on my personal computer. On August 2, 2015 at 9:10 pm I was the first to ob…

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UFO Photo from bedroom window during lightning storm

I was filming a massive electrical storm out of my bedroom window and at about 19 seconds in to it a craft of some type comes into view from the left hand side and flies across the screen at about a 30 degree angle in a straight line, then the craft changes to a steeper angle and accelerates off fas…

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