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Rotating Cube UFO that transformed to a Rotating Sphere Ohio

I was sitting on my side porch facing the east looking at the sky above the horizon. I noticed an unusual object flying in my direction. I witnessed it for about 20 seconds before I started recording. When I began recording it was almost overhead. what caused me to notice it was that it appeared to …

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Broad Daylight Disk Shape UFO Sighting Changed My Life

As the 2nd anniversary of my UFO Sighting approaches, I've decided to report this. I wrote this in the days following my UFO Sighting. the following story has had a major paradigm shift in my life. as an aviation professional (resigned 10/2021) I consider myself a trained observer from training and …

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Two Bright Cylinder UFOs Connected in sky Reported

I live on the Fox River at 1901 n river rd. at about 1:00 pm, I turned right out of my driveway to drive to jewel food store on east Algonquin Rd, Algonquin, Il. as soon as I turned north out of my driveway I immediately noticed a bright object shining sunlight reflecting off it) above the road. I i…

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