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Cylinder Row of Windows Internal Light reported UFO Sighting

Cylindrical shape UFO Sighting hovered in Northeast sky for 1 minute, then moved slowly eastward for 2.4 minutes before disappearing from view.

May 17, 2021 12:07 am EDT Shortly after midnight, I was leaving my parent’s house to walk home. A pretty crescent moon was reflecting in the lake, so I …

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Cylindrical Shaped Tic Tac UFO Sighting Seguin Texas

I was traveling west towards San Antonio coming from Houston Texas on i-10 freeway approaching Seguin Texas city limits when I saw a Large Shadow being cast over the freeway as the object crossed over my SUV. I was able to see what cast the shadow as I looked outside driver's side window. It was a…

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Cylindrical Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Over Hillsborough NJ

2021-03-21 UFO Sighting reported over Hillsborough NJ I was looking Eastward towards the moon and noticed it was about at first quarter. That would make the sun approximately 90 degrees away in the sky. The moon’s terminator was not perpendicular to the horizon and I was thinking about the spatial …

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Large Silver Cylinder UFO Reported back in 1978

I was in our side yard and happened to look up and saw a Large Silver Cylinder with Box Shapes sticking out of the UFO. It did not make a sound. It was hovering steady just above the tree line. I yelled to my father who was in the garage to come out and see this thing. I kept my eyes on the UFO whil…

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Two Bright Cylinder UFOs Connected in sky Reported

I live on the Fox River at 1901 n river rd. at about 1:00 pm, I turned right out of my driveway to drive to jewel food store on east Algonquin Rd, Algonquin, Il. as soon as I turned north out of my driveway I immediately noticed a bright object shining sunlight reflecting off it) above the road. I i…

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Silvery UFO Sighting size of your hand flew about 50ft above

While seated at an outdoor Caffe I saw a silvery item (size of a man's hand - 6-8in) pass 60ft above me leaving a small vapor trail I saw it from my right as I faced north. The item was traversing from south to north at approx. 35-40mph (guestimate). The mentioned UFO Sighting shot up like an ai…

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Silver Cylinder Shaped UFO Sighting over Texas Highway Reported

I was driving home with my son from Austin Texas to San Antonio. While driving in New Braunfels traveling south past the Bucee's is when I had a UFO Sighting. As I came to the top of the hill on the highway, I saw an UFO hovering silver in color, and cylinder in shape. At first I thought maybe it wa…

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Cylindrical UFO Sighting Denver International Airport

I am a taxi driver who makes multiple trips to Denver International Airport daily. I am very familiar, therefore, with what planes look like from various angles, altitudes,and speeds as they land and take off from the airport. On Monday, 07/06/20, at about 12:15 pm I was driving a customer to the ai…

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Cylinder Shaped UFO over Manhattan New York reported

I was at my local Gym in NYC doing Pilates on my mat, starting out the large windows when a Large Cylinder Shaped UFO Sighting appeared in the sky that was moving towards the east overhead it rotated like Drill with 4 lights only on one side and they would only show on that side after it made a full…

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UFO Sighting report of a reflective cylinder traveling in straight line

Taking a smoke break about 10:00 AM. Clear bright sky with several contrails typical of the morning flights that cross West Virginia. Observed two planes coming from the northeast at moderate altitude making contrail. Both planes were clearly visible and one had four engines which is rare these days…

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