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Strange UFO Sightings and Alien Contact Reported in Portland Oregon

I am an experiencer, a UFO sighting now and then is common for me. I typically check specific areas of the sky throughout the day. I was working out in the garage, took a short break to change music, and caught a breath. looked out the garage window to see a UFO. One appeared to be gliding across t…

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UFO Sighting Multiple UFOs Interaction with witness

UFO Sighting encounter began at a Pizza Hut in town near the hospital in Rome. I was sitting in my truck looking up in the sky through my sun roof and seen strange lights appear dim to start and brightened as they came by.

Eight UFO lights in the same path trajectory. Then one of the UFOs came …

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Silver Disc UFO Appears Over Hwy 9 Carolina

While traveling Northbound on Hwy 31 Carolina bays parkway at approximately 70mph, I had just crossed the overpass at Hwy 90 Robert Edge Parkway going towards Hwy 9. As I recall the weather was fine, mostly sunny with some white, puffy clouds overhead. As I got to the bottom of the overpass I saw a …

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Five Alien Entities Appeared Out of Cloud

This UFO Sighting event happened in Lakewood, WA. prior to us leaving the next day to the state of Maine driving cross-country. my husband and I we're sitting outside at Quality Inn but 74th and i-5. I was playing a game on my cell phone when my husband got all excited and told me to look up. As I l…

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UFO Sighting Contact Over Cairns Queensland Australia

This UFO News report came about after a independent research into the whole UFO/ce5 phenomena. inspired by the films and work of Dr. Steven Greer, as well as a deep-seated interest in ufology, I set out to create my own contact group (cairns ce5 contact team) and practice using the 'contact protocol…

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UFO Contact Modalities with Reinerio Hernandez Video

Rey Hernandez, JD, is a cofounder of the Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research on Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experience (FREE).

He is also an editor of and contributor to the anthology, Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non Human Intelligence, Volume 1. He works …

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UFO Sightings Experience Can Exhibit Psychic Abilities 3616

UFO Sightings Psychic Abilities

J. Burkes MD

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise 
The cleverly produced video faking psycho-kinesis reflects our culture’s superficial fascination with psychic phenomenon.

Viewing this lighthearted…

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