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Blue Aura UFO Appears Through Kitchen Window Reported

A big bright Blue Crystal Ball shaped UFO Sighting appeared outside of my kitchen window about 50 yards away. The people behind me own 70+ acres of big open land, so it looked like it could have been over that land. UFO Orb started small and got rapidly bigger, emitting an intense blue light with an…

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Close Encounter Massive UFO in Buxton Maine

This UFO Sighting event took place on Saturday, January 02, 2021 I went outside at 19:00 to watch the Quadrantid meteor shower. I was laying on my back with my feet pointed to the South and Orion was crossing from East to West on the horizon. The space station had just passed directly overhead and I…

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Legend of the Falcon Lake UFO Sighting Landing

According to Stefan Michalak’s account, two glowing UFOs descended from the sky on May 20, 1967, near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, where one landed close enough for him to approach. When the UFO Sighting suddenly took flight, its emission set Michalak’s clothes ablaze, leaving him with mysterious burns …

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A Physics Defying UFO Sighting Encounter Reported Arizona

It was around 1:15 am, Saturday night, Sunday morning. when I decided to go out and have a cigarette. first, I looked out my northern facing window. to check for animals, etc. and i saw what i first thought to be a normal plane or aircraft heading from the north/northeast direction. coming towards t…

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