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Dark Cigar Shape UFO Sighting Reported Cape Canaveral

Observed by my wife and myself. Looking west, a Dark Shaped UFO Sighting was flying rather quickly from south to north. No lights at all, could only barely be made out from the ambient light. Possibly the shape of this UFO Sighting was delta or cigar shape from what we could tell. Long and narrow. N…

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Cylindrical Shaped UFO Sighting Reported Over Hillsborough NJ

2021-03-21 UFO Sighting reported over Hillsborough NJ I was looking Eastward towards the moon and noticed it was about at first quarter. That would make the sun approximately 90 degrees away in the sky. The moon’s terminator was not perpendicular to the horizon and I was thinking about the spatial …

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Recent UFO Sighting Report New York City

The UFO Sighting had no lights. But it was white. UFO Sighting seemed to be reflecting the lights from the streets or it was glowing. It had a light grey coloring. It was moving so fast from south to north. I knew it wasn't a bird or plane because of it's speed. UFO Sighting had the shape of a butte…

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Orange Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting Photo

I took this picture on the 11th of October in Poland. During taking pictures I didn't see anything suspicious in the sky. After checking pictures on my pc I have noticed a weird orange cigar-shaped UFO Sighting, made from sun-reflecting material. mufon cms# 112153 Warszawa Poland 10/11/20

Orange Cigar Shaped UFO reported Warszawa Poland _101120.jpg

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UFO Sighting Reported Cigar Shape had no wings Canada

I have seen planes in the same altitude and saw a 2 engine jet fly almost exact same location. No this UFO Sighting looked like a highly reflective tick tack or cigar shaped UFO craft reflecting bright white my guess 80+ feet long. Immediately I noticed something strange there was no wings/ tail/ or…

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Latest UFO Sighting Shiny Oval or Cigar Shaped Object moving swiftly over Plympton MA

The time was about 9-9:30 AM  it was a cool, clear, sunny March morning with magnificent blue skies and good long-distance visibility. I was sitting at my kitchen table on the computer in the relatively open dining room/kitchen area with the bright skies lighting up the room. I heard a low-flying je…

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