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Contact With UFO UAP Non Human Intelligence Using Radio Waves

Today in this video we have what many call an initiated CE-5 contact with UFOs and its occupants' experience. This video montage gives us a first look into an experiment encompassing a 22-minute High Power Transmission beamed towards Space. Mr. Blanchette built and utilized his Home-Made Antenna Arr…

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Cosmic Commune UFO Alien Next Step Beyond

CE-5 another way to say "close experiences of the fifth kind" might be a term in which to portray a specific kind of this sort of communication with UFO Alien others. CE-5 includes a progression of general conventions intended to calmly welcome contact with refined, non-human knowledge "Outsiders". …

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New York Times & UFO News Coverage

Within this UFO News Video there is an Interesting presentation, gives more background on “Unity” and Jay lots of consciousness jargon, some woo, and absence of formal steps to test “beliefs”. Dolan likes a lot of it. This “consciousness” angle is gaining strength. Jay presents some of his personal …

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UFO Sightings Experience Can Exhibit Psychic Abilities 3616

UFO Sightings Psychic Abilities

J. Burkes MD

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise 
The cleverly produced video faking psycho-kinesis reflects our culture’s superficial fascination with psychic phenomenon.

Viewing this lighthearted…

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