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Unidentified Flying Objects Reported three different states video

A sparkling diamond shaped UFO over the sea in Ventura, California.

2 strange UFOs looking like a precious diamond stone shape with 5 illuminated UFOs were seen, vanished and returned in Toms River, New Jersey.

A bizarre Unidentified Flying Object concealed in an unusual condition at Fontenay…

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Multiple Reports of Returning Illuminated Craft caught on Video

Today we have a video from Red Stone YouTube of some strange objects appearing in the skies. A similar UFO V-arrangement of bright self-illuminated unidentified flying objects over the skies of Illinois showing up around power lines had been recorded on video. Also, we have on video two more sightin…

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Daytime UFO Sighting Photo California

I witnessed this UFO Sighting while walking the county park, at first they were almost directly above me floating downward, at first I thought they were hang gliders, very strange. The UFO Sighting moved away to the north that is when I decided to take some pictures with my mobile phone, expecting…

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California UFO Sighting Dark Gray Parallelogram Shape towards Ocean

I saw this months ago but hesitated to report it. it was a Saturday in October in 2020 but I do no recall the exact date (your site made me pick one). I was driving north on prairie avenue from Torrance at about 11:20 am and I saw it in the sky, probably north of El Segundo but not yet in La. The sk…

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Disk Shaped Glowing Pulsating Extremely Large UFO Sighting Reported

I was sitting in my sun-room watching the sunset looking southeast toward the ocean 3 blocks away. I was engaged in watching Jupiter and Saturn come into view. All of a sudden a Disk Shaped Glowing Pulsating Extremely Large UFO Sighting popped into view. When my brain noted it was there, UFO Sighti…

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Hoovering Blimp Type UFO Sighting California

On the morning of June 12th 2020 at approximately 11:15 am my son and I were driving up to a stop sign, traveling east, as I was approaching the stop sign I noticed a small blimp like structure. Silver white in appearance hovering above the homes near the stop sign. As I noticed it I asked my son to…

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Silent UFO flying fast over California

Four neighbors were sitting in our street (no street lights). we heard a commercial jet fly high above which is a typical flight path for San Jose or San Fran airports. The jet was approximately 20 k feet up. Below the jet and going in a similar direction (from south to north), we saw an UFO that ha…

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Latest UFO Sighting Highly reflective triangular object hovering stationary NS CA 9/12/16

It was about 7:10 pm Atlantic time and I was a passenger in a vehicle driving on the highway (Highway 103 NS) into Upper Tantallon, coming from Halifax, roughly 4 mins before the exit onto Hammond's Plains Rd. The pyramid-shaped UFO was stationary in the sky directly in front of us and a smidge to t…

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