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Silent UFO Triangular craft hovering 75 yrds above road Hudson ME

UFO Sighting Reported of a Triangular Craft was moving VERY slowly over the road. The front of the UFO had three white lights uniformly spaced, and two smaller red lights beneath the middle white light. It was backlit by the sky (almost a full moon) so triangle was very clear to see. The back came t…

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Detailed Description of a Black Triangle Shaped UFO Sighting

I was walking home shortly after 1 am when I had a UFO Sighting of a Snub-Nosed, Triangle-shaped UFO with rows of red & blue lights running down its outer-underneath sides slowly comes into view from above a housetop. It was directly in my line of sight looking forward. It made no sound and was movi…

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UFO Sighting reported rural highway Ontario Canada

I am so disappointed in how I reacted. I always thought that if I had a UFO Sighting would be excited and would take a clear picture or video. I always have thought "well that's bs" whenever someone says they saw something but did not take a video. Well yesterday morning, 2/4/21 around 9am I was …

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Massive Dark Triangle UFO Sighting over Mt. St. Helens

UFO Sighting occurred in the fall of 1997 (I believe it was around Nov. 9). My teenage son and his 18 year old friend saw it first as they were preparing to leave our home on top of Yacolt mountain in SW Washington state. it was a clear night with no moon out, but stars were bright and clear. My son…

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Massive Black Triangle shaped UFO Sighting Reported 3-17-97 NM

I would be lying if I said that I hadn't seen (now) documentaries on the phoenix lights. but back in 1997, my husband and I had just purchased a 28' travel trailer to enjoy camping and travel some with our young children. he had taken a week off from his job at Mobil oil in Beaumont, tx, to spend wi…

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Black Triangle UFO Sighting with Alien India

The Black colored UFO Sighting emitting red color light like beam without noise. It's moving slowly and scanning the land silently during the hours from 7 pm to 8 pm approximately  I know about Airplanes moving over my head daily but it's not like that. The space ship lights are not blinking  just l…

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Black Triangle UFO Videotaped over Brooklyn

 I was on my terrace in Greenpoint, Brooklyn when I suddenly looked up and had a UFO Sighting of a Black Triangle Craft with the center cut out and spheres underneath it. We have red hawks in the neighborhood which I thought it was at first but there was no flapping and it was way too big. So I thou…

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Three Silent Black Triangle Craft

Flew over and did a loop in a formation before flying over the mountains. A friend and I were sitting outside on the deck for lunch. I looked up and saw three triangle craft flying in a tight formation through the clouds directly over us. We watched as they flew North and did a loop as a formation a…

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