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UFO Mothership Appears Low Altitude Over Port Peru and More Video

A goliath mothership was sighted consistently floating at a very low height, over what has all the earmarks of being a Port in Peru. What appears to be a little orange UFO was seen, flying at a low height close to a local location, as though it was attempting to land. Over a location in North Caroli…

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Best Top Twenty UFO Sightings Encounters ever in Arizona 11622

While UFO Sightings encounters occur all across the planet, some places are more active than others. One such location is the state of Arizona. The Grand Canyon State has produced some of the world's most famous and influential encounters.
After reviewing thousands of UFO cases from Arizona, I hav…

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Cluster of UFOs Caught on Video Arizona

I was driving to work, westbound on highway 60 Mesa AZ. when I could see a cluster of UFOs swirling about 2-300ft above the ground and about 1 1/2 miles further west. I exited on Higley Rd northbound and at the traffic light on southern Ave I was able to take a video. My first thought was it was ma…

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