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UFO Photographed from Passenger Plane over Jacksonville Florida

This UFO Sighting was at 16000 feet just south of Jacksonville, FL on July 29th 2021. I never actually saw this but it was in the photo I took of the clouds, from the airplane very strange. The UFO appears to have the sun reflect from it and a shadow from the shape of the flying object. I imagine th…

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Numerous UFOs appears around thunder storm video

UFOs love electrical storms!!! I have caught numerous UFO sightings from my balcony over looking the ocean. I think this is by far one of my best. i need to make a few points about this video I am using a night vision full spectrum Sionyx sport camera. None of this including the flashes were visibl…

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Tic Tac UFO Sighting Caught on Video CA

My daughter and her Aunt were traveling southbound on the i-101 southbound near fair oaks exit #394 in Santa Clara, CA. on or around 5:33pm. My daughter caught footage of the UFO Sighting event with her cell phone camera. The UFO Sighting seemed to hover or wobble and was traveling very swiftly. UFO

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UFO Sighting moving clockwise and counterclockwise over B.C

I was at work on Texada Island B.C. It was around 11:30pm I turn off my tower drill and got out for my ride back to the top shop to finish shift at midnight. While waiting I decided to look up as I usually do and noticed an UFO Sighting to the southwest flying left to right and I just thought i…

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