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Large White Tic-Tac Bow Tie reflecting silver UFO Report

I witnessed this large white Tic Tac UFO Sighting that was bow shaped in the air about 10° above the skyline while driving NE. I followed the UFO Sighting As a happenstance for the next 10 miles on the way to a job interview. I pulled over and record a video. However I couldn’t stop and waist time!…

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Repeated UFO Sighting of a Cigar Shaped UFO Portland OR

Today I witnessed a UFO Sighting of a Cigar Shaped UFO going a very high speed across the sky over NW Portland at a pretty low altitude. I witnessed in two different days a Large Vessel type Craft traveling from SE to SW. The same UFO Sighting two different times on both my recent reports of thes…

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Strange UFO Sighting Knew I was Watching

I witnessed many strange UFO lights while in kayak one early morning. I went for my phone and they went away. Put my phone away and the UFOs came back. Made a couple calls to people in town but they never seen anything. I tried to record video however the camera only recorded black screen but did c…

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