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Hovering Slow Flipping Motion UFO Sighting Reported Texas

It was around 11 PM and I had just got to my friends house and as soon as we get out of his car he points out a little red dot in the sky flying in the S.W direction. I said, well that's obviously a plane. And as soon as I said that it changes its flight path to N.E then back to se and so it's going…

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Military Jet gives chase to UFO over New Hampshire

Around sunset at 8 pm on the 10th of April. I sat on my back porch enjoying the warm weather because it was a nice breeze. I was looking up toward the sky in a nice relaxed mindset thinking about the previous night's encounter of a strange light that I managed to take pictures of. All of the sudden …

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Circular Black UFO Sighting Captured Photo North Carolina

UFO Sighting appeared bright as if reflecting the sunlight before turning Black. The captured UFO photo shows a Circular Craft with angled wing like protrusions, and lights or propulsion flare along the top edge. It does not appear to look like a conventional airplane. Time on photo one hour behin…

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