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Ontario Witness Encounters Strange UFO with Symbols See Video

UFO News: In August 2013, witnesses 1, 2, and 3 were driving on a remote logging street in Ontario, Canada. They had recently completed the process of hunting and were coming back to camp.

What followed is one of the most intriguing close-up experiences with a UFO in written history. The essentia…

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Best Shocking Radiant Oval UFO Sighting caught on Video 2022

In Acton, California, a tremendous UFO arrived close to the highest point of a slope. In a brilliant scene, the second a UFO arrived while arriving on a slope was reported.

The UFO Sighting captured on video is as a colossal chunk of dazzling white light, and the recording didn't show any chanc…

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Best New Amazing McCutchenville Ohio UFO Encounter Video 2022

In a captivating scene, two unidentified flying machines "UFOs" were experienced in an area of McCutchenville Ohio.

All along, the UFO Sighting displayed like they were lights flying upward, but when they seemed to decelerate their general shape was characterized.

The UFOs were found without a…

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UFO Video Capture of Weird Looking Craft's over India

UFO Lights were found in the night sky where a few inhabitants caught the occasion on recorded video over Gujarat's Junagadh India. The UFO Sighting caught the creative mind and hypothesis of the observers that we are in good company and outsiders are here meandering the skies of earth. View the UFO…

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Two Mysterious UFOs are flying very low near the road on video

UFO Video Today: In an interesting scene, two unidentified flying objects "UFOs" were sighted in McCutchenville At first, the unidentified flying objects appeared as if they were light flying in the sky, but when they slowed down, their shape appeared. The unidentified flying objects most likely in …

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The UFO Sighting witness stated the following: "Went out for a smoke and took pictures of the front yard, as I see frequent UFO activity and like to record proof. I have seen many UFOs that were far off but this was the first time anything has come so close. the craft came from the tree line pulsing…

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Real UFO UAP Sightings Captured on Video Over Japan 1-16-22

This is UFO UAP videos and images are captured by Automatic Observation and Imaging Device Robot “SID-1®” that developed by the “Space Phenomena Observatory Center(SPOC) ™©”(Tokyo Japan). I am the founder of “Space Phenomena Observatory Center(SPOC) ™©” Tokyo Japan. And I am also a staff of “JSPS™©”…

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Best Top Twenty UFO Sightings Encounters ever in Arizona 11622

While UFO Sightings encounters occur all across the planet, some places are more active than others. One such location is the state of Arizona. The Grand Canyon State has produced some of the world's most famous and influential encounters.
After reviewing thousands of UFO cases from Arizona, I hav…

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Silver Cigar Shape UFO Videoed Over Louisiana

Family and I were at my parent's house helping my dad fix the cameras on the RV. My husband grabbed his binoculars and he and our son started looking for planes. Our son spotted a plane passing by as the plane passed back over us that's when we noticed the UFO Sighting in the sky. When we first saw…

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Three UFO Sighting Cases of Close Alien Encounters

Most UFO encounters are simple sightings. Sometimes, however, UFO Sightings get very close. In these cases, what starts out as a UFO sighting transforms into face-to-face contact with the unknown. Accounts like these provide far more information than just a sighting. This video presents three cases …

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