UFO Mothership Appears Low Altitude Over Port Peru and More Video

A goliath mothership was sighted consistently floating at a very low height, over what has all the earmarks of being a Port in Peru. What appears to be a little orange UFO was seen, flying at a low height close to a local location, as though it was attempting to land. Over a location in North Carolina, an illuminated object was seen to be separated into other bizarre-looking craft. Over Phoenix Arizona, various UFOs show up and vanish low overhead. Over a location in Washington State, a multitude of mysterious looking craft were flying at a low height.
The quantity of unknown flying objects started to escalate in numbers some kept on appearing out of know where overhead and others kept on maneuvering on a level plane in a mysterious aerial display. Finally, we see in this video a low flying UFO overhead  of Laurinburg, North Carolina. Follow Link To View UFO Mothership Appears Low Altitude Over Port Peru 

UFO Flying Disk Appears in Field

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