Strange Similar UFOs Appear Different Parts of World Video Capture

A great deal of recordings of strange flying plasma machines "UFOs" is posted across the internet these days. Most individuals feel that these videos are phony and there is no need to search further for explanations as to what these objects are. Yet, there are a few UFO Videos that relatively few individuals can pass judgment either way as to be real or not. Here we have such a UFO video captured over Haiti in 2007. After a brief time about a month, one more UFO Sighting was captured on video very similar to the one over Haiti but this time over the Dominican Republic. Then two more successive video recordings of comparable shape and size of UFOs as previous recordings appeared over Guangzhou China in 2011. Numerous mainstream Media News sources focused on these multiple strange UFO sighting videos CNN was among them and L.A Times. Skeptics and Believers alike disagree as to the authenticity of these videos. As always you decide.  

Link To Strange Similar UFOs Appear Different Parts of World Video Capture

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