Must See Video UFO Created A Huge Halo in the Sky Over Chile

Like Dr. Steven Greer, a gathering of beginners contacted with a UFO Sighting utilizing the CE5 procedure. The contact proceeded with the UFO displaying a very bright internal white light when laser light is aimed at it.

In Chile, a gathering of individuals utilized the CE5 procedure to gain the attention of UFOs, and possibly contact with extraterrestrial life, which was established by Dr. Steven Greer.

This gathering of individuals had established the ability to make contact with a UFO, when a handheld laser pointer was aimed at a UFO the UFO displayed an increase in illumination.    

Furthermore, as we can see when viewing this UFO Video a tremendous increase of light comes from the UFO because of the reflection interaction, which enlightens an enormous region of the sky, as well as the ocean side.  Must See Video UFO Created A Huge Halo in the Sky Over Chile 

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