Multiple UFOs Caught on Video Over Newcastle UK and more

Today we have this video appearing to show five different locations where multiple Unidentified Flying Objects were sighted. The first sighting was an Orange Orb captured on video at a high elevation over Greenwood, Arizona. The next recording was a White Unidentified Orb descending over a Mountain range in Arizona. Next, we see three orange circles of light forming into a triangle pattern over Kettering, Ohio. Like these sightings aren't amazing enough we see in the next video clip another formation of  UFOs descending from the sky above at a high elevation during a clear starry night evening in Newcastle, UK. In the last and final clip, we see what appears to be a long tube-like Object at a high elevation over Southwold Suffolk, England. Link To Multiple UFOs Caught on Video Over Newcastle UK and more:

two disk shaped ufos

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