Latest UFO Video Shows Objects Landing Russia and other locations

Reported several times before UFOs have been seen descending from the sky and landing in parts of Russia this year 2022.
Our second sighting occurred over New York City Brooklyn. The illuminated unknown is caught maneuvering at a low elevation flight path.
The third sighting was over Seminole, Florida, the U.S where a strange flying object was spotted white in color maneuvering at a low-level altitude at night.  
The fourth sighting occurred over Hazelwood, Missouri, UFO was captured on video cruising at a low elevation, close to the highest points of a tree, as it approaches to land in a lush region of grass.
Over Columbus, Ohio, an unidentified brilliant orange flying craft was seen approaching close to ground level.
The last UFO Sighting was over Oceanside, California, three Unidentified Flying Objects are drifting close to a neighborhood, in the early morning.
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Unidentified Flying Object UFO Disk

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