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UFO Mothership Appears Low Altitude Over Port Peru and More Video

A goliath mothership was sighted consistently floating at a very low height, over what has all the earmarks of being a Port in Peru. What appears to be a little orange UFO was seen, flying at a low height close to a local location, as though it was attempting to land. Over a location in North Caroli…

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Best Must See Street Level Video Captures of UFO UAP

At the point when an onlooker shoots a film of a UFO UAP willingly, utilizing his camera hardware or utilizing his cell phone, and recalls the sighting one can try to explain the encounter. There is a video report where a gentleman has gotten out of his vehicle to photograph a UFO which had impeded …

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Self Illuminating UFO Captured on video landed Colorado

In a shocking scene, a UFO was captured on video transmitting a bright self-illuminated light perched on a hill in Colorado. From the get-go, the people who watch the recording imagine that the UFO is extremely huge yet as a matter of fact it isn't. As we take a gander at the video recording, you wi…

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Newly Discovered Similarities Between New UFO Video and Covid19

A Covid-19 cell shaped UFO was reported maneuvering high above parts of Ecatepec, Mexico. The structure of this craft as seen in this video suggests there might be a conceivable connection between Covid 19, speculating the likelihood that, its source is from otherworldly dimensions, as some have rec…

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Latest UFO Video Shows Objects Landing Russia and other locations

Reported several times before UFOs have been seen descending from the sky and landing in parts of Russia this year 2022.
Our second sighting occurred over New York City Brooklyn. The illuminated unknown is caught maneuvering at a low elevation flight path.
The third sighting was over Seminole, Flori…

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Several sightings of strange craft captured on camera see video

Recently caught on video was a triangle shaped UFO over Menifee, California. A self illuminated twinkling  Unidentified Flying Object was reported over California in parts of Sonoma. A Colored Blue in a shape of a disk this craft was seen with throbbing lights over Sonoma, California. Another disk m…

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Unidentified Flying Objects Reported three different states video

A sparkling diamond shaped UFO over the sea in Ventura, California.

2 strange UFOs looking like a precious diamond stone shape with 5 illuminated UFOs were seen, vanished and returned in Toms River, New Jersey.

A bizarre Unidentified Flying Object concealed in an unusual condition at Fontenay…

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Having UFO Awareness with Barry Taylor During The 1990 Analog Era

A Gentleman named Barry "Bazza" Taylor, a season Paranormal specialist and experiencer discusses his personal experience in this video interview. Back in the day before we had digital technology and the use of the internet analog video was used to record video. Bazza rehashes how it was back in the …

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Multiple Reports of Returning Illuminated Craft caught on Video

Today we have a video from Red Stone YouTube of some strange objects appearing in the skies. A similar UFO V-arrangement of bright self-illuminated unidentified flying objects over the skies of Illinois showing up around power lines had been recorded on video. Also, we have on video two more sightin…

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Multiple UFOs Caught on Video Over Newcastle UK and more

Today we have this video appearing to show five different locations where multiple Unidentified Flying Objects were sighted. The first sighting was an Orange Orb captured on video at a high elevation over Greenwood, Arizona. The next recording was a White Unidentified Orb descending over a Mountain …

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What Would Happen When You Attempt to Shoot a Gun at a UFO See Video

It is now and again a human instinct to shoot first and pose inquiries later. This idea is impeccably outlined with UFO experiences. There are many cases on record including shoot-outs among people and Unidentified Flying Objects  and other than human beings.

This video presents almost two dozen…

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Video Capture of the same UFO Sighted 3X Over Medellin Colombia

This jewel-shaped formed UFO was seen over the city of Medellin this week. It's a large city of 2.6 million individuals. One would agree this is astonishing for what it's worth, there is confirmation that this same unidentified flying object was sighted and recorded at three different times over the…

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Covid-19 Crop Circle Wiltshire Farm UK Possible UFO Connection

A weird looking UFO was located flying overhead of Ecatepec, Mexico. This particular UFO Sighting has brought up issues about the conceivable connection between Covid 19, and the likelihood that, its source is from outside the planet, as some have recently expressed.

What made matters much mor…

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Video Capture of UFOs Maneuvering Over Several States and London

In today's UFO video, we have six alleged UFO Sightings captured by several different witnesses. In the first video clip, we see a supposed strange craft landing in Los Angeles.

In Pennsylvania, a UFO Sighting was captured on video showing what looks like a craft shaped like a disk glowing like …

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Crazy Weird UFO Video Showing UFOs Landing on Earth

Here we have some of the most remarkable UFO Sightings over the last ten years. When viewing this UFO Video one must keep an open mind as to what we are viewing. There are several video clips allegedly showing what appears to be alien UFO craft landing here on earth. These video clips at first sight…

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Strange Similar UFOs Appear Different Parts of World Video Capture

A great deal of recordings of strange flying plasma machines "UFOs" is posted across the internet these days. Most individuals feel that these videos are phony and there is no need to search further for explanations as to what these objects are. Yet, there are a few UFO Videos that relatively few in…

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Must See Video UFO Created A Huge Halo in the Sky Over Chile

Like Dr. Steven Greer, a gathering of beginners contacted with a UFO Sighting utilizing the CE5 procedure. The contact proceeded with the UFO displaying a very bright internal white light when laser light is aimed at it.

In Chile, a gathering of individuals utilized the CE5 procedure to gain the …

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Missing Pilots and the Puerto Rican Underwater UFO Base Video

In this interesting show from the UFO files of 1991, Martin unveils probably the most mind-blowing UFO episodes that had been reported occurring within the airspace of Puerto Rico. A missing pilot of a light airplane which was snatched from the sky by a UFO. There was a huge military tactical hunt t…

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Mysterious UFOs Emitting Weird Lights Different Locations Video

UFO News: In Wadi Rum, Jordan, five secretive flying UFOs were sighted producing bizarre beams of light, stretching out to the ground in a peculiar scene.

In Woodburn, Oregon, a long, tube shaped UFO was sighted, totally covered by a red fire
like lights. In Grand Rapids, Michigan a UFO Sighting…

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Black Triangle UFOs Phoenix Lights, Hudson Valley, Belgium Video

UFO News: In episode 3 of "The Basement Office" the New York Post's Steven Greenstreet plunks down with Nick Pope to talk about the most recent UFO sightings and the terrifying cutting edge encounters with the dark triangle. Is there a Department of Defense conceal? We talk with observers of mass UF…

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