UFO Mystery Continues Over Hudson Valley New York

The quiet beauty of New York’s Hudson River Valley is home to upscale professionals and retirees. They tend to be well-educated and cosmopolitan, hardly the type of people one would expect to be swept up by UFO fever. Yet, that’s exactly what happened to more than 5,000 residents between 1983 and 1986. Ultimately, the entire episode was largely dismissed as a hoax perpetrated by a group of local stunt pilots. However, to this day, many of the eyewitnesses maintain that what they saw could not have been a handful of airplanes. The Latest UFO Sighting Report which occurred on Nov.07.2021. A witness has come forward to give us a detailed account of what they had experience. The report reads as follows. A Boomerang shaped UFO craft flew over Hastings on Hudson approximately 4:58 pm going northwest white possibly some red flashing navigation lights on rear right wing only some profusion below higher than the tree line flew almost directly over main street / Warburton avenue moving at a decent clip similar to airplane about 1000/2000 feet away making an approach. mufon cms# 119081 Hastings on the Hudson NY 11/07/21. This region has had 4,294 reported UFO UAP Sightings to date.

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