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Strange and Scarry looking UFOs Appearing Over U.S. Now

Over Gaithersburg, Maryland, an unusual craft was sighted at low elevation overhead. Overhead of Frederick, Maryland, something secretive is happening with the moon. Negril, Jamaica, a cluster of UFOs that give off an impression of being in communication with one another. Albuquerque, New Mexico, A …

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UFO Mystery Continues Over Hudson Valley New York

The quiet beauty of New York’s Hudson River Valley is home to upscale professionals and retirees. They tend to be well-educated and cosmopolitan, hardly the type of people one would expect to be swept up by UFO fever. Yet, that’s exactly what happened to more than 5,000 residents between 1983 and …

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UFO UAP Mystery Video Australia 1978 Cessna Aircraft Disappearance

UFO UAP Mystery began when a 20-year-old pilot, Frederick Valentich, went missing in mysterious circumstances in 1978. He was flying a single-engine Cessna off the south coast of Victoria, Australia, and neither he nor his aircraft was ever seen again. The story begins by introducing the man Frederi…

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White Large Illuminated Boomerang shaped UFO Reported

Saw this UFO for less than 10 seconds while walking home from the store. It was a large boomerang shape, clearly defined and illuminated. The UFO Sighting didn't look like it was moving and it quickly appeared to evaporate while going under cloud cover. This UFO Sighting was in an opposite direction…

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