UFO Photo from bedroom window during lightning storm

I was filming a massive electrical storm out of my bedroom window and at about 19 seconds in to it a craft of some type comes into view from the left hand side and flies across the screen at about a 30 degree angle in a straight line, then the craft changes to a steeper angle and accelerates off faster and went off screen but I saw it actually go straight up into the clouds and disappeared from site. It took less than 1.40 seconds to go from almost left to right. Like I say I caught it on video and this is definitely not a bug or bird because I took screen grabs from the video and enlarged the photos. The craft appears to be long rocket type shape but made in 3 sections, kind of like 3 balls stuck together, smaller at the front and bigger at the back. On each section it has a glowing light in the middle, which after editing appears to be a bluish/green light and is intense and shimmers even in a photograph. I'm not sure what this craft is but it flew straight up in a huge electrical storm which is not normal. I will supply the video and photos I've took from it with enlargements and some slow motion videos taken from the original, if you crop the craft and edit the image yourself you will see all I did was lowered the brightness and raise the contrast, plus tweaking the white balance to get truer colors back. I haven't added anything just pulled out details. each grab comes out slightly different. also I've noticed that at one point it only shows as a slim disc of light then it heads up and you can then clearly see the 3 sections of the craft, it seems it changed or was cloaking until it really started to climb and accelerate. one photo is of the same view in daylight with several overlays from the video to give an idea of the flight path. if anyone can help give me an email, I'd like to find out what this maybe, it looks like a real UFO and the weather went crazy as it arrived and left. mufon cms# 110921 Brierley Hill England UK  Video wasn't submitted only still photo.

UFO Sighting photo Brierley Hill UK 81120.jpg

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