Stationary White Dome UFO Sighting Over Cemetery Reported

This UFO Sighting was observed while at the Otis national cemetery in Bourne while visiting a grave site. this was late afternoon with a relatively low sun in the west. The sky had a few broken clouds, but was mostly clear. At first the UFO Sighting looked like a hot air balloon, but with further observation it did not show any flare from a heat source. It appeared to be two UFOs attached. The one UFO above was constant in its brightness, the one just below seemed to change in reflectivity or shape, as over a period of minutes its form would appear to change. At one point this lower object almost disappeared and then "regrew". My wife and I both observed this UFO Sighting for an hour and it seemed to just hover in the sky. It is hard for me to judge the distance, so it's size is difficult for me to estimate. The only thing I could attribute this to would be a tethered balloon, perhaps for surveillance. there was a light wind of maybe 5-10knots so I would expect to see this float side to side in the wind. there was no such behavior. mufon cms# 114353 Bourne Massachusetts 3?23/21 This Region has had 1,465 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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