Hovering Slow Flipping Motion UFO Sighting Reported Texas

It was around 11 PM and I had just got to my friends house and as soon as we get out of his car he points out a little red dot in the sky flying in the S.W direction. I said, well that's obviously a plane. And as soon as I said that it changes its flight path to N.E then back to se and so it's going back and forth and my friend and I are just puzzled. I say, holy sh*t I think that's a real UFO Sighting! And were standing there staring at this UFO until it disappears in the blink of an eye only to return even closer in the same speed. Now details were clear to make out, what seemed to be red lights spinning on the bottom as it rotated, the Disc shape of the craft, and this was when I realized it was emitting no noise like a jet or helicopter would.

The UFO then, what seems like light speed travel, flies to the original spot of finding in an instant and just hovers. It literally just hovered about half a mile away from me. Then it turned on its side and did a barrel roll or flip while hovering in the exact same location. No noise, no flashing lights like planes and helicopters have, no wing like appendages, nothing.

This breaks every rule of aerodynamics to my knowledge. As we are standing there talking about it the moment felt like it was over in an instant once it darted out of view in an instant again. I am sorry for the lack of evidence but I took a video on snap chat that night that I did not save only because you could not actually see the UFO Sighting in it due to the darkness and quality. I now realized the video could have backed up my claim to see it at least since you could hear us freaking out and saying, you can not even get this UFO Sighting on camera it's moving so fast! And this story is 100% real, I believe what I saw was a UFO. Either it be aliens or advanced technology made by the government. Any new UFO sightings will be reported. mufon cms# 114953 Alice Texas 4/10/21 This region has had 6,258 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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