Unnatural Amorphous UFO Sighting reported

Driving east on Sunset Blvd on the Sunset Strip; stopped at red light and witnessed what appeared to be a trash bag floating gently straight up with the wind. Except it was a windless day (at least at ground level). Was going to pull out phone and take picture but kept telling myself it was just some sort of gold/brown bag carried up by the wind. Until this UFO stopped completely, changed into an ovoid, rounded "tic tac" bullet shape and headed in a straight line due north at about 35mph. UFO Sighting was dancing-like in a leaf like movement upwards and then changed shape and direction which was so completely unnatural that I will never ever forget it. I actually drove up into the hills northward to try get high enough to see above roofline of the tall commercial buildings and locate it. I was already late for a meeting for several minutes but never saw it again. This UFO Sighting was in broad daylight. mufon cms# 114513 West Hollywood California 3/4/21 This Region has had 11,386 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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