UFO Sighting Video over Fresno CA

On 7/18/21, at approximately 2105 hours, I was driving northbound on California highway 41 going approximately 67 miles per hour. I observed two large non blinking white lights like landing lights that appeared to be fixed to the end of what looked like the wings of AC-130 or larger sized plane. At first this is what I thought the object was. I drive this same route every night, four nights a week and have been for 5 years. It is not uncommon to see large planes traveling in this direction. I also drive directly under a flight path for Fresno International Airport, so I observe low altitude planes multiple times daily both at day and night as well as taking off and landing. I began kind of chuckling because at fist because it looked from my vantage point like one of the planes or optical illusions I have seen on you-tube and the like. The UFO Sighting was north west of me and appeared to be moving extremely slow or not at all. As I got closer and my angle to the UFO Sighting it changed from 11 to 9 o'clock, I noticed the large white lights had softened to a dull yellow orange from my vantage and now visible was a strip of red lights that were blinking in succession from left to right. At first this UFO Sighting looked like one large wing with no body at this point I pulled out my phone and attempted to take video but it was hard to do while driving. While recording I noticed 10-20 smaller dark blue led lights scattered throughout the fuselage of this object. The UFO Sighting was now at 8 o'clock. From what I could see glancing back and trying not to crash, it appeared as a large fat bodied fuselage with wide but short wings. Protruding from the back instead of a standard tail it appeared in the shape of a rounded W. I then lost visual as it passed over the roof of my car. I immediately opened my moon roof and attempted to locate it, but I saw nothing in the direction where I thought it should be. As I got further from the location it had crossed over me, I assumed I would definitely see something through my rear windshield but the sky was empty. It was about dusk and there are no obstructions that would have prevented me from seeing it. Fresno does not have sky scrapers. I understand this could have just been a plane, but it's not one I have ever seen. I did serve in the Marine Corps and although I was not in the air wing, I did observe many types of military planes and have traveled on c130s, ospreys and Chinooks. if you put my feet to the fire I would say it looked like a c130 and an osprey had a mutant baby. I did not hear any noise coming from the object but I was traveling with the window down so wind may have prevented me from hearing it. There were a bunch of cars about a mile behind me. If anyone else saw this and has better video or maybe knows what it is I would like to hear back! mufon cms# 116958 California 07/18/21 This Region has had 11,612 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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