UFO Sighting Video Erratic Flipping Octagon Object

I have been having different UFO Sightings of the same object 4 times, since early June 2021. Each UFO Sighting incident was recorded on video. I was leaving relatives' house in Grayslake Gages Lake Illinois area at 12:12 am and as I was pulling out, saw the familiar brilliant star-like UFO in the se sky.

I turned on my video recorder on my I-phone which confirmed it was the same UFO seen 3 times up near the Wisconsin border. I asked my relative to look at it she could see the "star/object" but her phone could not take video in the dark. To the naked eye, it is a bright beautiful star or planet. When photographing or video-recording it is a totally different video.

Zooming in shows a glowing white, flashing, pulsating orb, tumbling and spinning, moving erratically, in many different directions. There were flashes of many different colors from the object itself and what could be circles of individual lights on the underside.

The UFO Sighting has an octagon-like shape from some angles and geometric shapes at other angles. It must be very high in the sky, as I still saw it in the sky, from the next-town over to the east Gurnee and could still see the object, 15 miles northwest, when I arrived back home and took one last look around 3:25 am, high up in the sky to the south. mufon cms# 116986 Grayslake Illinois 7/20/21 This Region has had 2,774 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

To View the Grayslake Illinois UFO Sighting Video: COPY LINK to your Browers not google search ect.  


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