UFO Sighting Video Captured over Stuart Florida

I have seen and recorded previous unknown UAPs that behaved similarly with regard to formation and under intelligent control. I have even seen what I believe to be a non human Alien entity walking at night these events are around 2010 in Jupiter. I was out last night in my back yard with an infrared image intensifier and a laser, and observed 7-17-21, two UFO Sightings at similar speeds heading out due east open Atlantic, another low flying brightly lit UFO that was the brightest object in the night sky, I pointed the laser at the low flying object and within 3 seconds while shining the blue laser at the UFO Sighting it stopped illuminating and could no longer be seen. Tonight 7-18-21, I again began looking through the scope and after a few hours, I observed a formation of around 9 UFOs that I could see in a rotating formation through the scope, I shined the laser at the group of objects, and to my astonishment, the entire formation went from a south to north path up the coast, to rapidly changing direction and quickly approaching my location. I was unspeakably terrified as I saw this group come to become silently stationary I would approximate to be 500-1000 feet from where I was. The fear, and the disbelief of what I was actually witnessing was to me, unexampled! the group then headed south, I came inside, and tried to process what I just observed. I am a science teacher in Palm Beach County schools. I will include a video link to the formation I filmed some years ago that help represent what I saw tonight. The UFO video on you-tube was filmed at 9955 Patricia Lane in Jupiter Florida. After I filmed the UFO Sighting I stopped filming to confirm I recorded the event and around 20 minutes later I noticed a number of red lights in the backyard, I quickly got the camera back outside and the red lights turned out to be military helicopters a small airplane can be seen that may have reported the UFO Sighting as the group of UFOs approach the small plane; but that is an assumption. mufon cms# 116953 Stuart Florida 7/18/21 This Region has had 6,027 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Click link to view UFOs at 2:50 https://youtu.Be/steaad_rdyu

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