UFO Sighting sound penetrated my whole being

I lived in a mobile home park. I was in a three bedroom trailer with my bedroom on the far end. I heard it first around 3 in the morning. a very loud rhythmic sound a buzzing or humming of sorts. UFO Sighting sound penetrated my whole being. It was as though it was alive. Blue lights were coming through my windows. And the sound was unreal. I got up to see what it was and also to go to the bathroom. And the light got brighter.

I looked through my curtains and saw a disc like shape UFO white light in the center that wrapped all the way around it. Light appeared to turn the opposite way of the disc and each time it turned I heard that humming buzzing noise. UFO was turning as it hovered. In my mind I asked why are you here. They answered me instantly. We are here for you. I immediately was terrified and began to scream at the top of my lungs for my boyfriend to help me. But he never moved or even heard me and I was right next to him. Suddenly it was like gravity pulled me to the floor or a force had control of me.

It pulled me all the way to the floor and my voice went away I could not move or speak. I have little pieces here and there I remember like flashbacks to other things that happened but to foggy to recall. I would love someone to help me remember the rest as I believe they abducted me for a period. I woke up in my bed 4 hours later. It was as real as it gets. I am a honest normal person. I have no idea why they chose me. mufon cms# 114439 Douglasville Georgia 3/28/95 

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