UFO Sighting Reported Cigar Shape had no wings Canada

I have seen planes in the same altitude and saw a 2 engine jet fly almost exact same location. No this UFO Sighting looked like a highly reflective tick tack or cigar shaped UFO craft reflecting bright white my guess 80+ feet long. Immediately I noticed something strange there was no wings/ tail/ or engines however it was close enough that I could see what looked like a wing shadow but it looked painted on? jet black from the angle it covered from base to top perfect edge. How ever to get this shadow the sun has to be under the craft to project upwards there was a slight engine sound but only for 1 second. The actual plane I saw I could hear the engine way before I saw the plane and heard it after it went by. This UFO Sighting seemed to have no wings or lights or any detail but the strange shadow mark; on the jet I saw I could see engines / wings and hull detail and the grey color of metal I watched them both and the cigar shape had no wings no mater what angle, but the plane I could see wing detail until it disappeared in the distance. So it is my belief I saw a unknown craft that has the pill shape but it is camo to look like it could pass for a plane at a distance. mufon cms# 111153 Edmonton Alberta Canada 8/23/20

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