UFO Sighting Oval Solid White Object passed over house

This was my UFO Sighting account written minutes after witnessing this on January 4th, 2020. I posted it to my face-book account so the details would be fresh in my mind. I knew the longer I waited, the more I would question what I saw.

I was just outside in the backyard with my dog and I think I saw a UFO. I am not kidding. I have never in my life seen something like I just saw. I'm standing out there trying to stay warm and get her to go pee. I happen to look up towards the moon and something higher over my head catches my eye. My first thought was, Oh a shooting star! But a second later, I realized wait, its still moving and its really bright. This isn't a shooting star. This is where it my mind had a hard time comprehending what I was seeing. UFO Sighting was oval, all white like it was lit up. No blinking lights like aircraft. But I couldn't judge how high up it was because there was no sound. But it was too large to be a high altitude airplane. Too low to be silent. I would estimate it at between 2000ft to 3000ft AGL.


Now, I live in the approach path of DFW Airport, so I often watch planes come in from the north, bank left or right and then head straight south on their approach path to land. Because I've seen so many aircraft come in, I sometimes count in my head how long I can see the airplane before it vanishes in the distance. A jet aircraft approaching DFW is usually visible for about 90 to 110 seconds, depending on the approach. When I saw this UFO orb in the sky headed south, I started counting. And it was CRUISING FAST!! I've never seen anything move this fast in person. It literally looked like it was moving just a bit slower than a shooting star you'd see zoom across the sky, but it just kept going! I watched it pass over my house and head towards Dallas in a straight line, no changes in direction at all. I counted to 14 before the solid white light was gone in the distance.

Yet it was SILENT. When it was over my head I couldn't accurately judge altitude, but as it zoomed off towards the horizon I could see roughly how high up it looked compared to surrounding aircraft headed towards DFW.

This wasn't a drone. This wasn't like any airplane I've ever seen. I honestly don't know what I just saw. I don't know if it was an alien craft, as crazy as that sounds. But it was in the sky over me long enough for me to realize I was seeing something very unusual and to count its visibility time. I mainly wanted to write up this post as a way to document my thoughts while it was still so fresh in my mind. But... wow. I don't know what I just saw! mufon/ Denton Texas U.S/  UFO Sighting occurred on 1/04/20 was reported on 5/27/21  

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