UFO Sighting Multiple UFOs Interaction with witness

UFO Sighting encounter began at a Pizza Hut in town near the hospital in Rome. I was sitting in my truck looking up in the sky through my sun roof and seen strange lights appear dim to start and brightened as they came by.

Eight UFO lights in the same path trajectory. Then one of the UFOs came out of no where in a straight line path flashing a bright led type light on and off in 4 second intervals. I used my girlfriends phone light to do it back to see what would happen and it stopped instantly and hovered over for 45 minutes to an hour flashing its light on an off in different sequences between 3 and 6 second intervals.

A couple days later in the sky over the same place I am staying at had another UFO Sighting of multiple craft or lights appear moving in an oddly sequence moving in different directions instantly. By this time I got excited already had my flash light in my hand and began to start flashing my light in different sequences. Two of them broke rank and moved towards one another. They began to start flashing lights one took off rapidly one kept flashing back and forth with me for an hour or an hour 45 mins top. And that's been repeatedly been happening all the way up to last night on the 4 of July 2021.

I am going to continue  my UFO Sighting encounters or what I believe I see as contact communication with one another. Before the Pizza Hut UFO encounter the  one with a Bright Orange light that appeared came back over Alabama as we got into Rome Floyd county and disappeared when we got by Walmart behind the taco bell and reappeared in the same exact spot after about 45 seconds before disappearing again and was completely gone as we passed by Berry College.

The video I provided is as it reappeared in the sky and we stopped by the Walmart behind the Taco Bell in a parking lot. Coming back from Alabama my girlfriend was recording as I watched it. When I got back to our room that night I noticed how when she would move her phone only the stars in the back ground would move around with the camera and the orb of light would move around to try and stay centered with the camera but move around when abruptly stably stationery at moments.

#1.Coming back from Alabama into Rome GA Floyd county date 23 of June time 12 to 1 am in the morning.

#2 28th of June Pizza Hut happening time frame from 9:54pm to 11:35pm.

#3 where I stay start date June 30th continued to July 4th same general time frame 12:45 to 1:00 am to 2:30 am 1:00 am the morning to be continued hopefully. It's amazingly astonishing to have had a experience an UFO Sighting encounter contact like this for my research studies and documented encounters I have had in the pass to have to be add to them dating back to 2012 from N.C. I wish I had better equipment and others of interest to help me but I get ridiculed and called names and put down if talked about them I recently found about you guys and other Facebook groups to share this with cant wait to share all my encounters and things I have studied and documented. mufo cms# 116735 Rome GA. U.S 7/05/21 This Region has had 2,041 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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