Disk Shaped UFOs

UFO Sighting Disc Shaped Window Lights Around Middle Reported

I was using my Astro Binoculars to observe the sky and saw a Disc Shaped UFO with either windows or lights all around the middle of the UFO Sighting. UFO was hovering in place while at the same time turning over so that only the top/and or bottom outline and craft could be seen. Then would in place flip over again so that disc and lights/windows could be seen again. The second flip of the craft revealed that either top or bottom of the craft had four rows of lights that the other side either the top or bottom was devoid of any lights. I have been seeing star-like UFO Sightings almost nightly but they just turn multi-colors and flash. This is the first actual craft I have been able to witness. I will upload a video of color-changing lights I have seen, but unfortunately, I couldn't get pics or a video of craft as my camera does not zoom in that far. Mutual UFO Network cms# 118188 Springfield Oregon 9/24/21. This Region has had 2,106 Reported UFO UAP Sightings to date.

Copy & Paste Link Below To Your Browser To View Springfield Oregon UFO Sighting Video./ Poor Quality Video Submitted

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