Disk Shaped UFOs

UFO Sighting captured on video Georgia U.S. Unbelievable

I was walking through my yard around 8:10 pm just about sunset and I noticed a Large Bright UFO Sighting in the sky. At first, I thought it was a large star but I quickly ruled that out as the UFO Sighting was much bigger than a star and it seemed to be moving closer.

As it moved closer, I noticed the object was an oblong oval shape and there was a reddish light illuminating from the top and bottom of the object. Around the center of the UFO Sighting, there were white lights illuminating outward almost like how strip lighting would appear. I immediately ran inside to get my daughter 18 yrs old and told her to come outside quickly.

I asked her to bring my phone so I could record the object. The UFO Sighting was very large and was hoovering back-n-forth around the same location. The object appeared to be changing shapes which you can see in the video. My daughter has an I-phone and she tried to video the object but the object didn't show up on her screen.

It did show up on my galaxy, however, the object did glitch in and out of visibility on the screen a couple of times but strangely it was visible the whole time through the naked eye. I'm not sure if the object was interfering with the cell signal or something else was responsible. The UFO Sighting was visible for about 20 minutes. It was too large to be a drone and I don't know of any commercial aircraft that can maneuver around as this object did. I was able to video about 8 minutes of the event.

It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. The link to the video clip file would not load on the website so I included the still shots from the video and this link to the video, hopefully, someone can add the video to the website: https://youtu.Be/1gdxk1ooltg  Mufon cms# Ball Ground Georgia U.S 9/29/21. This Region has had 2,065 Reported UFO/UAP Sightings to date.

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