UFO Sighting Blinking Changing Shape Color Reported Quebec

I discovered a UFO Sighting video this Thursday, October 1, 2020 of an observation that took place 5 years ago. My spouse who had filmed the event had lost this video and it was then that I recently found it on my personal computer. On August 2, 2015 at 9:10 pm I was the first to observe the UFO Sighting while I was walking my dog. When I saw the luminous object passing slowly at about 30 km / h from my perspective at a height of about 1000 to 1500 feet, from south east to north west just above my head. I was very impressed and did not understand what this object could be. He was heading towards the lake in the northwest. At the same time, I called my wife on the cell phone to tell her to go outside immediately and see if she saw the object I was seeing. Our house is about 800 meters from where I was. My wife then went out onto our patio and she tried to follow him, she stopped near our house on the way to Lac St-Louis and filmed what she saw. So we have a video of this object. In the video, the UFO Sighting was a spherical shape that changes color and emits irregular shapes in halos of colors such as blue green red purple and white. By changing, this object regularly returns to a very particular shape, this shape looks like a translucent luminous sphere of white light, we can see in the center a small more solid white sphere with a sign of '' + '' more defined with more to the outside a more blackened area and after four light points which if we connected them could form a perfect square. The four rounded dots actually seemed to help form the base of a sphere with the halo that the object produced. After a few minutes of observation filmed almost stationary, the object disappeared. mufon cms# 111681 Lery Quebec Canada 8/2/15 UFO Sighting Video here   

Purple UFO

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