UFO Sighting 2019 Hovering Reported Canada

As I walked towards the intersection of Oakwood and Earlesdale, where I was to meet my wife at a bus-stop at around 10:15 pm in the evening, I had a UFO Sighting of a Bright Object Hovering in the sky just above and behind a building on the opposite side of the street. My immediate thought was that it was a helicopter as our neighborhood does see almost daily helicopter activity. The stark difference though, was that it did not make the slightest sound, it was eerily quiet. because of the silence, and the brightness of the object I thought it might be worth taking a photo of it. I observed the UFO Sighting hovering for about 5 mins or so, then fly off in a westerly direction. MUFON cms# 109807 Toronto Ontario Canada 10/21/19

UFO Sighting photo Bright light Canada

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