UFO Appears Spinning Before Entering Black Hole Over Ohio

I was in our pool floating on my back when I saw a UFO which appeared round and spinning as it headed east. The sun was low and reflected on the UFO, then didn't, then did and so on, which gave the appearance of the UFO Sighting to be spinning. It was pretty high in the sky, on a normal flight path that I see other planes. I got out of the pool and followed it with my eyes. It came around a tree se toward a cloud, when it got close to the cloud, I noticed a black circular spot on the cloud right before it went through it. I kept looking in the same direction, then saw it appear up higher and to the right, more se than it was before it went through the cloud. Still appearing to spin and reflect off then on, then off, then on. I watched it so far until it was out of my sight. mufon cms# 117628 Dayton Ohio 8/29/21 This Region has had 3,200 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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