Tic Tac UFO Sighting Photographed From Plane Over Texas

I observed this metal UFO Sighting, shaped like a Satellite or Tic Tac or a Long Pill like Object, do not recall seeing wings on it. I was on a Southwest flight that had just departed Dallas Fort Worth Airport and was headed northbound for Tulsa. I was sitting in the window seat taking pictures out the window of the clouds below us and saw this UFO fly by so I snapped a few pics.

The timestamp on my pictures says it was 11:54 am and I was flying northbound over Texoma and Pottsboro, tx. The UFO Sighting was flying in the opposite direction of my plane, so it was headed southbound. It seemed pretty close to the plane I was on, maybe a mile away from us if that. I was startled to see something fly by so close and it was about the same altitude as the South West Airline plane I was riding.

I thought it was a satellite flying by plane, but I have since been told and read online that satellites fly much higher into space than a commercial plane. I am pretty sure it was not a drone as seemed the size of a small plane maybe. I'm really not sure what it was. please see the 2 pictures I was able to take and I have circled the object I saw fly by plane. Mutual UFO Network cms# 18274 Pottsboro Texas 9/19/21. This Region has had 6,427 Reported UFO/UAP Sightings to date.

Tic Tac UFO Photo Pottsboro Texas 9-19-21.jpg

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