Tic Tac Cylinder Shaped UFO Photo

One afternoon while taking a bike ride with my wife and kids my daughter says what is that? When we looked up to see what she was talking about we saw a what I can explain was basically an airplane with no wings and no windows. There was no sound and nothing coming from Tic Tac Shaped UFO as if it had no engine. This UFO Sighting was just completely silent moving south southwest across the sky then it went away and came back for a totaled time of 8 min. A neighbor went inside and grabbed a scope from a rifle, looked at it this Tic Tac Cylinder Shaped UFO and handed it to me and said I'm not supposed to be lookin at that. mufon cms# 110668 Morgan City Louisiana U.S. This UFO Sighting occurred on Sept. 8, 2019 had was reported on 8/3/20 sorry photo was deleted from mufon


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