Silver Disc UFO Appears Over Hwy 9 Carolina

While traveling Northbound on Hwy 31 Carolina bays parkway at approximately 70mph, I had just crossed the overpass at Hwy 90 Robert Edge Parkway going towards Hwy 9. As I recall the weather was fine, mostly sunny with some white, puffy clouds overhead. As I got to the bottom of the overpass I saw a Silver Disc UFO seen to be obliquely, or perhaps an orb, reflecting light. It was quite reflective and immediately got my attention.

It was going much faster than the usual aircraft I see in the area. I live nearby under the flight path of several airports in the area so I am used to seeing aircraft flying overhead all day and night. This was distinctly different. It almost seemed disconnected from reality in how smoothly it moved, as if there was no air resistance at all. UFO Sighting emerged from over the trees to my right (east/east-south-east) from the direction of the ocean and travelled across Hwy 31 and disappeared over the trees to my left (west/west-north-west). I would say it was perhaps 30-35 degrees above in front of me. It was approximately the size of a medicine tablet held at arms' length. If I had to guess I would say it was flying near and roughly parallel to Hwy 9, which was approximately 2.5 miles ahead of me.

The entire UFO Sighting lasted approximately 5 seconds, definitely less than 10. The UFO managed to cross my entire field of view in that time. I have attached a map depicting the area, my location and direction of travel, and the approximate location and direction of the object. I will note that I am a life-long experiencer and had made it known in my mind that morning that I would welcome a visual UFO sighting. I wish to remain anonymous at this time. mufon cms# 116544 Little River South Carolina U.S 6/25/21 This Region has had 1,008 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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