Shape Shifting UFO Reported Moreno Valley CA

I was driving when I Sighted an UFO in the sky. At first glance I thought it was a parachute or ultralight aircraft. Neither of these worked out because they are in the direct path of air traffic from march arb. Secondly, a parachute or skydiver landing in a densely populated area just didn't make sense. I stopped and filmed with my girlfriend. It continued to change shape.

I would guess the object was several thousand ft. in the air but looked very large. The cloud cover here was also very high and we could see planes flying in the distance under the clouds. after 5-10 minutes we left but kept looking back to find it but it was gone. The time it took for us to loose complete sight of the UFO Sighting was maybe 1 minute (me backing my car out of a parking spot). It just seemed to disappear. I have always thought there were UFOs and believe that I have seen one in the past.

My girlfriend on the other hand thinks I am crazy. The video albeit blurry conveys the moment. The pictures uploaded here show it changing shapes. I have blown it up on and cant make out balloons or anything that is an easily discernable shape. mufon cms# 114183 Moreno Valley CA. 3/14/21 Region has had 11,346 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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