Rotating Cube UFO that transformed to a Rotating Sphere Ohio

I was sitting on my side porch facing the east looking at the sky above the horizon. I noticed an unusual object flying in my direction. I witnessed it for about 20 seconds before I started recording. When I began recording it was almost overhead. what caused me to notice it was that it appeared to be a rotating metallic cube very unusual. There was no doubt in my mind it was a UFO Sighting. The UFO made no noise. It appeared to be a rotating cube that at some point transformed into a sphere. The surface was reflective of the sunlight. And there was light coming from within it. I believe the light coming from within the UFO had to do with the propulsion. It didn't stop or hover it was just going on its way. As for my feelings during and after, it was very intriguing. And afterward, I was happy I had the opportunity and was able to record it. I stopped recording when it went beyond the trees and began to disappear from my line of sight. mufon cms# 119115 UFO Sighting Report Cleveland Heights Ohio 10/19/21. This Region has had 3,246 Reported UAP UFO Sightings to date.

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