Reported Close Encounter with Five Plasma Orbs Bangor Maine

We have thought about what we saw for years because we had such a close interaction with them. They followed us for 10 miles across Bangor Maine. At one point we got so spooked I pulled over in the brake down lane & told my 11 year old son to meet me at the back of the trailer truck to try to figure out what in heck they were.

We got back there & the Orbs were silently still in formation a telephone pole height over our heads & were already there when we arrived like they heard what we said or read our minds. We ran back to the cab of the truck & took off. The next exit was Hampden where the truck stop was. We pulled off hoping to lure them up the ramp & that's when I watched them take off at warp speed where I pulled over & they hovered over us we were almost at the end of Bangor International Airports runway. At one point they were in the break down lane 3 feet from me. I believe they were Orbs of plasma of some type.

They shined no light on the tar beside me. They defied all the laws of physics I know. They were intelligently controlled, made no sound flew in a rotating pattern around each other & messed with us 10 straight miles. Like they knew they were freaking us out & laughing about it. Helicopters where everywhere when we jumped out at the truck stop we just assumed the airport had tracked them. My best guess is they were alien drones made from pure energy they were not solid. Something me & my 11 year old at the time have not & will never forget. I'm no expert & not blind. Tell your experts we defiantly have alien orb drones monitoring us.

I should know I was 3 feet from them & they hovered over me. No way man has built anything like them. mufon cms# 116922 Bangor Maine UFO Sighting occurred on 7/16/06 and reported on 7/16/21. This Region has had 715 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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